Grief Prison YES

Byond Account: GermanMaKo

Character Name(s): Marco Taylor

Discord Name: GermanMaKo#1645

Round ID: 10967

Griefer Byond account: -----

Griefer Byond name: Yes

What happened: I am a prisoner like almost every round, he proceeds to be AFK till a warden comes. I take the spray can and we sit for a moment near the doors waiting for the warden to come, I shove him since it was boring, he proceeds to shove me about 5 times, taking my spray can and spraying it in my face multiple times. After 5 minutes of looting cables, etc. he proceeds to say to me: “You made enough fun of me now prepare to die” or smth similar, with me, only shoving him once or twice. He proceeds to kill me, steal my stuff hide me. The warden and sec comes in, he started attacking them both and then getting pulled of

I can confirm, that guy is a shitter. I was a sec officer, I went perma because they tell me a prisoner killed another one and i find a plasmaman dying and Yes was just standing there with a bat, I told him: “what happened?” And he responded: “i didnt know plasmamen die if i take their helmets im new”. So yeah he killed his fellow prisoner because he felt like it. I didnt ahelp it because we were super busy dealing with a wizard

I’ve personally experienced this shitter killbaiting before. He pushes everyone until they push back, which is his invitation to harm intent.

Alright all taken care of thank you for the comments and input on this is makes it easier to understand whats going on!