Grief Report - Assistant self antags into robotics

Byond Account: SoreYew

Character Name(s): NYA.OS

Discord Name: Soryuu#0002

Round ID: 12892

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Jacqueline Ironmonger

What happened: I was charging in the mech bay and saw them hack in from maints to the west of the bay, then start hacking into the robotics lab proper. Being an Asimov, I ask if they need any help. I’m ignored, they bolt themselves in and then break the window and grille to get into robotics. They steal something (didn’t witness but organic robos and another borg said she did) then flushed herself into disposals. I’m not going to engage in banter, they were just self antagging really hard on a traitor round.

Mark this with grief patrol tag so it gets seen.

thanks, missed that

Also according to HOS (hugh cook) that round, they stole Stun Batons from brig aswell

Thats it sorted, tahnks for telling us