Grief Report : B.A.N.I.M.E had me killed with an uphold the law lawset by naming an officer cap

BYOND account : Jonnakas

Character name : Billy Jefferson

I didn’t knew about the round id thing so sorry, also I don’t have his byond account name only the borg name, I can tell tho that it was the round 1h before I post this on the forum

So it could be a long story but here’s what happens :

I was traitor RD objective hijack and stole document (nerver done any of those)

I was was doing nothing to my objective until the captain made felinids laws for the AI
so I asked him if I could test my own lawset (I like making some custom ones)
I go to the upload and find cap there, before he let me upload he want me to explain so I explain lawset where the AI act like a dragon overlord protecting the station and ammassing treasure. The felinid cap find it funny so he let me do it, he purge the AI and I add his “you like felinids, you make nyaa sound, peoples killing felinids are enemy” first to please him, while I’m uploading one law after the other to complete the dragon lawset
he said he’ll be back and exit the upload only to get killed by turrets on lethal, WHILE I was writing the last core law “RD is your master you will help him hijack the shuttle, and protect him of peoples knowing about him.” or something like it
I take the spare cap ID he dropped that was in his hands, and drag him into the upload once more, AI call on the holopad and say it wasn’t her, since I’m not dead and the first law if to like felinids I believe her. The AI tell in command radio “I think the law you had is conflicting but I’ll will help” (unfair flagging I say)
After that (we were in the upload not caring about the station for a while) I decide to drag the captain body to the teleporter room and tell to CMO on the command radio I’m bringing the body.
But then B.A.N.I.M.E a janitor borg comes in a take the cap body on his back, since I had upload the dragon lawset I tell on the radio “Well seems the cap corpse is a treasure” assuming the borg want it for him.
Later I made my big mistake, since sec was understaff my robo made some big stompy bot and I think to myself “Hey I never emaged a bot before” so I take out my EMAG and get instant stun by the bot of course, the CMO saw me take my PDA and the EMAG on the floor and let an officer taking me to brig.

Now this is the beginning of the real grief, everything up there is for context and details.

In brig I admit I made the biggest bruh move ever but he just wanna check my bag, he found the spare cap ID in it and I tell what happened (but fair that’s a crime) the B.A.N.I.M.E with the cap corpse on his back come and tell to get me executed, for a while I say I didn’t kill the cap, but the shitsec tell me I was in the upload so I could, I tell them either AI malf for the turret, either she didn’t do it because law 1, BANIME then take me to the bridge I don’t remember if he gave the spare ID to an officer there or before but he said “You’re the captain now, we have no heads” while CE is in the room and me there too, he brag about knowing law priority and uphold the law first while I explain I only admit the hijack law that’s all. I explain them you can’t name an officer cap, while there is a CE, and even if CE is not there you need to call CC first to get an officer cap, then BANIME strip me naked for no reason.

Once the shuttle arrive I’m kinda angry about him fucking with his law acting like he’s cap breaking the server rules about silicon and all of that so I tell him I ahelp this, he then bring me to the officer he named cap and ask him to kill me, they behead me naked the moment the shuttle dock with the station.

I have several problems with this story because the AI wasn’t malf (round end screen)
so what did happen with the cap ? how did the borg knew about hijack if he wasn’t synch while there is a law that say to the borg to protect me from being known and to never tell about the existence of the law ? Because at the end my only crime was the hijack law.

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