Grief Report: Bob Weed, Foxhole Miller, Delicious Dan, E.D.U.A.R.D.O

Byond Account: AngryBlackMan_Davusi

Character Name(s): Davusi

Discord Name: Davusi

Round ID: 11371

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: Bob Weed, Foxhole Miller, Delicious Dan, E.D.U.A.R.D.O

What happened: It was a normal shift on Heliostation as a miner with John Willard, me and john after killing a menacing tumor, jaunted up. But we jaunted into the AI sat. I got jaunted into a wall so I was safe, but john got jaunted into the middle of it and, without telling anyone by the way, the AI had lethals turned on for no apparent reason. I had a spare jaunter so I jaunted out into the bar and I went to the bridge to try and find captain so he could get john out. Some one this round also put second airlock wall things around 20 tiles in front of the original entrances to departments and rooms. I got stuck in the bridge’s secondary airlock and I was spamming the door in order to get the HOP’s(Foxhole Miller) attention, cause the door was right outside the HOP’s line. Now, instead of getting me out, the HOP laughs at me and calls HOS(Bob Weed), who was inside the bridge and he comes out and throws a spear at me twice and then stuns me with his baton, and then he starts strangling me, whilst talking to the AI on the comms saying “Is this the guy”, whilst I was dying of oxygen loss. The AI says that I wasn’t and so the HOS lets me go and leaves with the HOP, and the close the door before I can get out of the airlock. So I started spamming it again until I just resorted to trying to break it down with my kinetic crusher, cause it shouldn’t be there in the first place. The HOP comes around into EVA, where the windows are and starts laughing at me again, so I ask if he can let me out, instead he calls the HOS again who opens the airlock with the HOP and throws a spear at me again and stuns me. Again. When I got back up, I hit him with my kinetic crusher and so Him, The HOP, and Delicious Dan the clown hulktider ganged up on me and put me in crit. A secborg comes and tells them to stop and brings me to medbay, where I get healed, and I tried to run and get back to where I was ganged up on cause I dropped my kinetic crusher and my bag full of the stuff I earned. When I start leaving medbay, the HOS, who by the way ALREADY CHECKED MY BAG AND WAS TOLD THAT I WAS FINE, THREW THE SPEAR AT ME AGAIN AND CHASED ME, I picked the spear up and threw it at the HOP who was also chasing me with his energy gun on disable mode. I get back to where my stuff is and the HOS, by this time gives up with me and the HOP fucken grabs me and takes me to brig, and the rest of the sec team immediately lets me go. By the way I never got my stuff back, I asked HOP for it, thinking he might have some of it, and he basically tells me to fuck off.

how has bob weed not been banned yet


Dealt with, thanks for the report!