Grief Report : Command staff for inciting an illegal mutiny

Byond Account: Yin No Piano

Character Name(s): Kosaki 

Discord Name: kosaki#0818

Round ID:12220
Griefer Byond account:  

Griefer Byond name: Carmen Lazarus (CMO) , LincoIn June (HOS), Johan Farlock (HOP)

I was the captain on this round , after uploading felinid related laws on the AI the command staff took it upon themselves to vote me out of my position. After the vote they arrested me, took my ID & then called Centcomm after I informed them that they were inciting a mutiny & illegally following procedure to remove a head staff from their position. I ahelped at this point while they were contacting centcomm with my ID. Centcomm responded with a letter saying “Arrest the CMO for inciting a mutiny” or something along that sort. The command staff then uncuffed me & gave me back my ID after. At some point in time during this event, the RD uploaded a law to the AI saying “Arrest Kosaki” against my wishes. I ahelped or messaged centcomm informing them of this & then the issue with the AI was resolved & their laws were put back to normal.

This entire round was such a pain for me & by far the worst time I have ever had on here, I did not enjoy it one bit. I gave the AI cute felinid laws to try to lighten up the mood & give everyone a good time but it turns out people actually do not want those kind of laws at all. I asked what crime I commited to be removed of my position & they told me "I lost faith of the crew & “There was a vote of no confidence”

I know its not my place to ask for a specific punishment, but can those three people I listed be informed that their is a proper procedure you have to follow in order to remove a head of staff from their position?

i know now going forward not to try to pull the felinid gimmick

thank you & have a nice day.

if you are reading this & you were part of the command staff who did this, here is a link for the procedure you need to follow to do this in the future. Fulp Spacelaw | Fulpstation Wiki

It was handled at the end of the round. Thanks for reporting it though!