Grief Report EgorDinamit

Byond Account: krzysztof333
Character Name(s): Alucard Hellsing
Discord Name: Alucard Hellsing/Eats-The-Dragon
Round ID: 10096
Griefer Byond account: EgorDinamit
Griefer Byond name: Jeff Kanei
What happened: So i and captain went into brig to remove sec rd console made by jeff kanei. Egor was mad at me and captain for doing it and ressited being demoted and didnt want to hand over sec gear i asked captain if i can bat him then jeff kanei attacked me with stun batton and disabler and toolbox he did it before also when hos jacq ironmonger took me into sec to remove it. He almost killed me but cap saved me. When he later came near bridge captain stated that he is enemy of corp. After shuttle came HoP Me and CE tried to get him down but he started using shotgun when he came to shuttle he was using lethal ammo in shotgun. Also before he resisted demotion from rd and threatened to maxcap robotics and me

  1. At round-start you removed nanites lab, a clear metagrudge over previous round where I was an antagonist.
  2. RD wanted to demote me for saying “Miners are useless”, which is an unlawful reason to do so.
  3. You went out of your way to kill me in brig, only because I built nanites lab here after being given a permission by HoS and all wardens.
  4. You lied to Captain to make him think bad of me to arrest. I never threatened to maxcap robotics, outside of “Alucard should be maxcapped” after you began to provide science chat with metagrudge info from previous round.
  5. You lied again. I attacked you after you said “can I kill him(me)?”. When non-lethal force has been proven ineffective - I beat you into crit and left. I never used any kind of lethal force on Captain at all.
  6. You got finally killed on shuttle after fifth attempt to kill me with a bat and saw. Nobody else was harmed by me.
  1. Oi, I want to quote my favorite admin!
    Not your fucking job to arrest people as Head of Personnel Roboticist. If you want to do it - play as security officer.
    [Banned for valishunting for 3 days]
  1. They were moved to other room
  2. Rd demoted you for shitting at miners and reasearching stuff without his knowledge then saying that robotics did it
  3. You attacked me first in brig when i was removing console jacq took me here i got permission
  4. Captain after hearing that sec got rd console took me to sec to remove it where you didnt want to get demoted to assistant
  5. Captain said you are enemy of corp and i was allowed to attack you plus if harm batton isnt lethal force then you are wrong
  6. i asked if i can bash you thats true and i didnt a ttack you i didnt provoke you, then you started harm battoning me and stunned captain
  7. i didnt even had bat and saw
    Extra for me you werent mindshielded tided into armory made illegal rd console and nanites withot knowledge of rd as non scientist
  1. No, circuits were hidden in a box, stop lying.
  2. I was first demoted for calling miners useless. Researched 1000p basic nanites after you decided to go full metagrudge and I left to brig.
  3. I was shoving you because removing nanites console can cause malfunction in programms (read: kill all sec)
  4. I wasn’t using it after fair amount of time, I used it to research nanites stuff when my programm accumulated enough of points(read: when I personally earned them).
  5. Harm baton was used on you only, mister “can I kill him”, and only to crit.
  6. Saying “can I kill him” several times is a clear provocation, you tried to kill me several times before that.
  7. Big fucking lie. If admins spend at least 5 minutes looking into logs they’ll see.

Okie doke, this isn’t the place to argue about what happened. Locking this until another staff member can investigate.

Sorted, thanks for the report!