Grief report for round 12021

Byond name: Devinxoptoh
Character Names: Chip Shafer
Round ID:12021
Griefer Byond name:
Griefer name: Jonas Fisher

Was observing the entire round, Watched Nicole the CE get murdered, the killer gets caught and is taken to brig. Captain says execute, meaning, execute, HOS also agrees.

The warden then proceeds to say “No, that isnt your choice. Leave the brig” to the captain… and the hos…
Was being a really big shitter saying the man is “insane” and should be “reformed” even though agaisnt the captains orders.
I understand if it was RP but going agaisnt the CAPTAINS ORDERS on a CONFIRMED traitor? come on man… learn space law and learn that the CAPTAINS ORDER is final legit.


taken care of, thank you.