Grief report for the head of security

Byond Account:Tetracor
Character Name(s):Diego Thomas
Discord Name: Tetracor
Round ID:12673
Griefer Byond account: no idea 
Griefer Byond name: Mathon Nova
What happened: he was beheading people with a guillotine. 

so this dude was hos and he was beheading people in the hallway with a guillotine. i understand that its funny and everyone was bored but he was doing it to people that didnt want it too. he got too carried away and went into grief territory. at one point he cuffed me and tried to do it to me too. he got beat by some dude with a bat before he could chop my head off though. screenshots included Capture.PNG
there is about 10-15 bodies laying there. we took more to the morgue. i lost count at some point.

the text from him trying to do it to me.
this guy was out of hand. thank you.

Dealt with it. Thanks for the report.