Grief report HoP Kenny Konoszewski and HoS Eduardo Scherer

  • Byond Account:krzysztof333
  • Character Name(s):Daisuke Nori
  • Discord Name:Alucard#1734
  • Round ID:9414
  • Griefer Byond account:unknown
  • Griefer Byond name:Kenny Konoszewski and Eduardo Scherer
  • What happened: So i was doing my job in kitchen then hop jumps on me with sec and borgs after i said im “commie” with reason that im suspected traitor while i was entire shift in kitchen. They took me to brig first they wanted me to perma gulag e.t.c when hop came back with hos and cap he said to execute me they didnt check me for any traitor items implants etc etc. I wasnt even antagonist in this shift they just said. Possible traitor/murderer

Kenny started the entire thing by giving trump laws to the AI (again, as HoP) and just made me ghost because I didn’t want to deal with that shitty lawset

This was handled by Rabbidx7 in round.