Grief Report: Ling Murderboning non-targets

Byond Account: Yin No Piano

Character Name(s): Kosaki Nya Owo

Discord Name: kosaki#0818

Round ID:11837

Griefer Byond account:  GENERICWHITEMALE

Griefer Byond name: GENERICWHITEMALE

I was killed by this changeling (while i was their objective) & then I went ghost & saw them kill three more people who were not his targets.
Here are the names of the three people they killed while using my identity right after.

Kosaki Nya Owo cut Daniella Shirey in the head with the arm blade!
Kosaki Nya Owo cut Rusty Burnside in the head with the arm blade!
Kosaki Nya Owo stabbed Alexandra Auman in the left arm with the arm blade!

GENERICWHITEMALE was Owen Poley the Lawyer and survived as Kosaki Nya Owo
Changeling ID: Mr. Pi.
Genomes Extracted: 11

Objective #1: Extract more compatible genomes than any other Changeling. Fail.
Objective #2: Assassinate Leonard Simpson, the Roboticist. Fail.
Objective #3: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod with the identity of Kosaki Nya Owo, the Medical Doctor while wearing their identification card. Fail.
The changeling has failed.

I was in a pod with they, there was 2 person there too, one of them SSD, she tried to kill us, they ( and me) were not they objetive, i try to Ahelp in the round but there were no admin. she killed the 2 others person in the pod except for me (i was a nightmare so i just “puff”). in the end i just pushed her into the space.

This has been taken care of.