Grief Report: Round 12038

Byond Account: Ninija159

Character Name(s): Jeffrey Magor

Discord Name: Ninija159#7433

Round ID:12038

Griefer Byond account: FighterOfKeyboard

Griefer Byond name: T.A.R.S

What happened:
I was the Research Director, AI asked me why i didn’t Research Cyborg medical. after explaining to them why, they decided my reason wasn’t good enough and researched the medical cyborg upgrades, and to top it off also decided to research Security cyborg upgrades to rub it in my face. And it doesn’t end there. They ask me later why i stopped researching, the reason was, the rest of the research were weapons of mass destruction, and things we didn’t need, they told me Telecommunications weren’t “THAT” dangerous, and that I have plenty of research points anyway, and so they researched it. I never told them they could research, but they decided to anyway. I Ahelped this twice, but to no avail, no response, no admins were online.

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Dealt with it. Thanks for reporting.