Grief report - round 13092

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): Jed Joshek
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 13092
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Too many
What happened:

Clown stole the SSD hops ID and gave out AA
the rest of the clowns/mimes and QM(I think it was the QM) tided with their AA, the QM went ssd after i brigged them for seven mins for tiding with it (illegal ID mod)
mimes name was woody, another one was called “clown” but neither of these were the one that gave out the AA (I think)
Deandre Welty a shaft miner without hijack or murderbone objs put a C4 in the command section of the shuttle
Mauricio Wilo (nonantag i think) assistant smashed into the bridge section of the shuttle with a fireaxe
I actually ended up slitting a mimes throat without caps auth in frustration and they put this colourful message in ooc
RD immediately asked cap to demote them and joined sec as an officer as soon as i joined the round as hos, sorta weird, not sure if you can do that but okay.

I was observing this round. I definitely saw two clowns, QM and mime with AA. There was a lot of people abusing the lack of mods.

‘Stanko the clown’ and ‘Clown’ were the names of the two clowns. I can’t remember the other two’s names.

I too was observing this round and was actually going to write a grief patrol to some of this but you beat me to it.

You Slitting some guys throat

Unsure of why you slit that guys throat as HoS and why he ick ocked about it. Don’t have chat saved but before the image you posted he did indeed go into OOC and ask how to submit a grief patrol and went on to explain in OOC that HoS slit his throat.

“Clown” and HoP

HoP went ssd as apparently they were having internet issues. No staff were online. Kyra did not warn people ingame that they were SSD and can be seen in the second picture below.
Clown (named “Clown”) takes HoPs position by force and gives everyone who comes by AA.

mimes name was woody, another one was called “clown” but neither of these were the one that gave out the AA (I think)

It was “Clown”, was watching him do it. Even clicked the HoP console as a ghost to check and indeed he was giving people AA.

Bonus: CE yells rape


This round was painful to watch.

forgot this one, thanks
also on the throat slitting, thats just on me, im tired and cranky. HOWEVER, in my defense they were being a prick and spamming failrp /me commands like “laughs at idiot hos” after getting brigged and unintentionally let out by a sec officer who didnt know they were up for permabrigging (cap approved) and decided to come right back.

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That was a lot to go through, but it has been dealt with, thanks for the report

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