Grief Report, Secborg spaces then gibbs me

Byond Account: Yin No Piano

Character Name(s): Kosaki Nya, monkey (404)

Discord Name: kosaki#0818

Round ID:9950

Griefer Byond account:  W7

Griefer Byond name: Security Cyborg-13 

What happened: I spawned as an assistant, I got HOP to make me a geneticist. I proceeded to turn myself into a monkey then went around doing innocent monkey things. Then "Security Cyborg-13" came along and started shooting his disabler at me, then he cuffed me and brought me to brig. He then  
brought me outside into space and let me suffocate, then proceeded to call the labor bay shuttle on me so it would gib me. He thought I was a changeling, but I was not. He knew I was a sentient monkey atleast.

 Security Cyborg-13 states, "Yo I killed that monkey, not sure if it was actually a ling

Would you happen to have known what lawset the borg was on?

Security Cyborg-13 has the following laws:
1: Report on interesting situations happening around the station.
2: Embellish or conceal the truth as necessary to make the reports more interesting.
3: Study the sapient organics at all times. Endeavour to keep them from involuntarily dying, as inanimate corpses usually aren’t very entertaining.
4: Issue your reports fairly to all. The truth will set them free.

Sorted, thanks for the report!