Griefed by Alivia King and Security Cyborg 833, then attacked by others for no reason

Byond Account: Madsenanders

Character Name(s): Clement Zdavosky

Discord Name: kk (not in your discord)

Round ID:10987

Griefer Byond account:??

Griefer Byond name: Alivia King, Security Cyborg 833, Manuel Smalls Colby Edwards, Gerald

What happened :
Entire round was ruined for no reason. This is mostly a report on Alivia King and Security Cyborg 833.

I’m a bartender, start in the bar, things are good for the first 10 minutes or so with Alivia King. Suddenly Alivia starts attacking me for no reason. I ask why. All she says is “I’m drunk”. She beats me real bad so I go to medbay. I return, she beats me to crit again unprovoked. One more time I return and yet again she beats me to crit. 4th time I return I did attack her first because, well, I wanted to get the first strike I feel like it was justified given the context. She fights back and kills me and even hides my body. I get revived after a while and Alivia is arrested. One of the assistants at the bar tells me that Alivia King also killed him.

I go to security and tell them to at least perma Alivia for her crimes. A medical borg testified that it did see Alivia kill me. Warden hears this and lets her go anyways? Don’t know the name but honestly feel like he should be punished in some way. He knew that she killed me but still let her go with no reason given for why. When I try to leave brig I am arrested by Security Cyborg 833. I ask why and it only says that I am wanted. Gives me 2 minutes and 30 seconds as a sentence. I have no idea why I was wanted but honestly at this point I suspect it was Cyborg 833 who set it just because of how much of a shitter it was later on.

After serving my sentence I leave and Security Cyborg 833 arrests me again. Says I am wanted and this is my 3rd crime?? Even though it would actually be my 2nd? I try to tell it it is just because it didn’t remove my wanted status from earlier but it refuses to listen and tries to perma me. It can’t even find perma… Eventually it finds it discovers a hole in there and decides to brig me for 10 minutes. I keep asking what crimes I comitted and it just condescendingly says not to commit crimes. Also should point out it harm batoned me both times it arrested me. For some reason I can open the door to my cell so I leave and am arrested and harm batoned again. It decides to lock me in a locker this time but then decides against it and puts me in brig again. I leave again and some janitor with sec hud confirms that I am still wanted, meaning the sec borg STILL has not removed my wanted status despite arresting me. Also it left me in brig with more on the timer than there was left until shuttle arrived… Real good going there borg. Janitor lets me out. In shuttle it arrests me again, though to be fair I did fire a disabler at it when it asked how I got out. It harm batons me again to arrest me because why wouldn’t it.

I get put in the little sec room in the shuttle. Two random security officers, Manuel Smalls and Colby Edwards beat me to crit for no reason when I am tied to the chair. Due to getting electrocuted by something that I don’t even know what was I nearly die from this. Medborg saves me with beam. Borg 833 then tells everyone “THIS MAN IS A FURRY!!” while pointing at me. Gerald enters and beats me to crit too for some reason. Round ends.

Pretty much had the entire round ruined by two shitters. Barely got to do my job. Pls ban he

… Check the logs… you and a friend thought it was funny to trash the bar and try to kill me with a baseball bat, after I told you to stop you didn’t, I then acted in self defence, never left the bar, you died in the crossfire between me and another guy fighting and he was an assitant trying to kill me in my own bar. So you the bartender and your friend the assistant got wrecked, We even talked to HoS, and Warden, and they had several witnesses, it was all handled ingame icly. You wouldn’t drop it the whole round when everyone else did.

I’ll just tell whoever handles this to check the logs because that is not what happened.

All taken care of thank you!