Griefing Assistant

Byond Account: KyriosArchelon
Character Name(s): Palo Oenothera
Discord Name: Archelon
Round ID: 12570
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Art Jamison
What happened: 

Shoved me into an electrified door till Death, as I was trying to open it to save someone stuck behind the door.
I was a target of Iridium LXIV the Atmospheric Technician, but Art wasn’t an antag of any kind.

Also, for that matter, Tiding into sci as an assisstant.

Also murderboning on shuttle during transit.

i had access to sci by captain (got extended access) so i wasnt tiding, also you were HACKING into rd office so you WERE Tiding also i thought you were trying to kill the guy inside because he was hiding and you were trying to hack in which made you look suspicous

also how did i murderbone, i just threw some slip grenades (smart metal foam but left no foam because it was smart metal foam) and its not even related
sorry for that but it was partially your fault too because you were hacking into rd office

If you got access, fine. Big if.
Second, wasn’t RD-Office, was toxins. A geneticist was stuck in there.
The logs will show, that you shoved me into an electrified door, and then told you engi helper to take my ID, because it has access.
Now, I have no problem admitting, that I looked suspicious. After all, I was hacking into a door I had no access to. But you cannot claim, that you had any right to kill me in those circumstances.
As for the shuttle, after foaming grenades you screamed to activate IEDs and proceeded to slash at people with a saw.
Feel free to defend yourself, but what you did is clearly marked in the logs. I gladly accept any punishment I might get from this. Are you willing to say the same?

ok i didnt know that it was toxins sorry about that
also i didnt kill you solely for the access for my friend but when i killed you there was no point leaving hte id because it was too late to revive you too
also i threw foaming grenades not ied’s well the saw part is true but not related to this

again sorry for killing you but i admitted to what i also did wrong

@NTDream Still, if you bring someone to critical/death condition when you are not antagonist, you should bring them to medbay and ensure they have proper medical care. Plus, you shouldn’t loot other’s character’s bodies unless it’s necessary.

Also for next time, if you see an electrified door, don’t shove someone into it to “attempt” to open it. Throw an ID instead directly at the door, this works harmlessy.

Case closed, thanks for the report.