Griefing drones

Name - Twox
Character name - Drone (X) / Belle Delphine
Round ID - 10664
Griefer - Dwight Walker

Dwight Walker for coming into the drone station, putting all our mats from the vault into one crate and trying to steal them.

He hit me with his baton a couple of times after I kept stopping him, eventually had to trap him in the vault so he couldn’t steal the mats, which we cannot get back if he does.

We couldn’t do anything at all because a random twat decided that he wanted to steal all our supplies.

Aaaahhh too many grief patrols.

I was observing this game, round had a vote to restart due to bad dilation and I think the logs weren’t saved for that round. He was indeed trapped in the vault with a spacesuit and no way to escape.

Dealt with.

For the record, stealing mats from ghost spawners (with sentient mobs present there) that are not treated as antagonist is not kosher.