Griefing Geneticist

Byond Account:WalfasWolfy
Character Name(s): Bwoink
Discord Name:
Round ID:12525
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: James Miller
What happened: I died from a raid on a cult base as a cultist. This dick head grabs my corpse after the raid and immediately tries to get a cyborg to let him into the chaplain's incinerator to burn my corpse "Because he's a cultist and he's dead"  Cyborg tells him no and to take my body to sec to be deconverted. dick head over here immediately decides to randomly walk around with me in maints with my corpse, slip on my clown corpse twice, strip me ass naked down to my heart boxers and proceed to shove me into a genetics machine and fuck off for the rest of the round while i'm removed from the round because dick head over here didn't get to torch my corpse in the incinerator like he wanted cause he can't be fucked to walk my body to security while the cult isn't even at eyes or halos and security has full control over the brig with 3 fucking mechs stomping around valid hunting with thermal vision.



taken care of. please don’t IC in OOC about it next time.