Griefing Mime and the Gamer Defib

Byond Account: Chumpywumpus
Character Name(s): Aaliyah Wise 
Discord Name: Garfield the Ravenous
Round ID: 13669
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: N/A 
What happened: I was on the evac shuttle dying of a disease asking sec if I could be seated in the security section because just a few minutes a traitor out to kill me had shot me with a 9mm, sec was rude and said no so I decided to take a seat in the main part of the shuttle. dying of temperature fluctuations and buckled to a seat, the mime, Mr. Voiceless had an emagged/EMP'd defib. The mime proceeded to use the defib on me knocking me into crit and waited to use it again killing me. I thought at first he might have been the traitors blood brother or just another traitor helping him get his objective, but checking the round end report I did not see him as a traitor. Thought the same person who shot me might have been disguised but in observer all I saw was gibbed body of the person who had shot me. 

Below is some of the chat excerpts showing the defib shocking me

Unsure if its related but earlier in the round, I saw the same mime restraining a psychologist who was cuffed at the dorms. I radio’d sec and an officer came by and I left. Don’t know if its related but maybe he killed me for ratting him out.

I handled this in round just as the server restarted, but thanks for your report regardless!