Griefing: Skater McGee

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): Amelia Espinosa
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 10070
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Skater McGee
What happened:

Scrubber event happened, I got caught in it and received a lot of burn damage as a result. Then proceeded to fall into crit in cargo in front of 4 people. Said people were too busy staring at walls or humping a cargo crate to do anything so I called out for help in whispers. Skater McGee started to aid but then proceeded to insult me about having fallen into crit.

Halfway between medical and cargo, he started shoving me in a disposal unit and demanded that I apologize for responding to his insults. When I refused, he dragged me way out of the way in maint and left me to die.

These actions violate the rules as follows:

Griefing: Deliberate actions that interfere with/antagonize other players or will take serious effort and time from other players to fix and/or repair.

3). Over-escalation of fights is also unacceptable. Over-escalation is, in short, doing more damage to someone than is required to resolve an issue **or using violence instead of words to solve an issue. […]

Placing someone someplace they will surely die, like disposals when crit, space, in shuttle landing zones or other gibbers.**

Ahelps were submitted and responses didnt come until extremely too late for anything to be done about it.

This griefing bullshit on this server has got to stop.

This griefing bullshit on this server has got to stop.

I reported another incident I saw that was unrelated to yours during the same round. I think the moderators just had their hands full. The best thing we can do is what we already did which is make a grief patrol report and relax.

Sorted this out. Very sorry for the late reply.