Griff Patrol - Round removal

Byond Account: Twox
Character Name(s): Twox
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID: 21255
Date: 18/07/2022 (not american way round)
Griefer IC name: Crabus Ravus
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Was being cured of obsessed in mourge after a tad bit of trolling. Crabus interferes with revival as a changeling and debrains me.

MMI’d me and said ya when i asked them if they debrained me. Took me out and threw both my brain and the mmi at a bartender for a “free brain” after I complain on comms.

They claimed they wanted to put me in another body to antag together? (I had been cured of obsessed) in next round’s preshift OOC.
I was not a target

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This was handled, thanks for the report.