Grungususs perma silicon ban appeal attempt 2

Byond Account:Grungussuss
Character Name(s):Aspera Stargazer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):grungussuss
Round ID of Ban:28517

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: After about 500 hours of playtime on fulpstation after my ban I have grasped rules of the server and how AIs should conduct themselves according to their laws. I am very sorry for my previous actions and will not repeat them again, from my previous ban appeal as to this matter I was told to appeal after 30 days and 50 hours playtime. In the time between my previous ban appeal attempt and this one, I got 2 notes, one for murderboning as Bloodsucker (this was a grief patrol so the actual rule breaking was approximately 31 days before this appeal) and a note for building an R&D console in engineering as a station engineer. I truly did my best to not get any notes or break any rules after Horatio22 told me this could lead to my ban appealed, so I hope you can accept my ban appeal as I would love to play cyborg and AI again, thank you.

Iā€™m accepting this appeal, but please note that your account has been watchlisted and other mods will know to put you back on perma if there are any more rule violations with silicon roles. You should be able to roll for silicon positions next round.

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