Grungususs perma silicon ban appeal

Byond Account:Grungussuss
Character Name(s):Aspera Stargazer, (in this case my AI name is S3RV0
Discord Name: grungusbungus (ID: grungussuss)
Round ID of Ban:28567
Ban message: Banned from roles: silicon, AI, cyborg permanently - round 28515 - silicon 2: As AI with siliconimov ion law, murdered captain and spaced brig, and shocked arrivals etc, because sec killed a borg. Based on your consitent history of poor silicon play, this will be a permanent silicon ban. Appeal this on our forum when you have a grasp of our silicon rules.

State your appeal: I apologize for my actions as AI from before, When I got this ban I was pretty new and didn’t get a full grasp of AI laws, after much more playtime both as antag and non-antag I now better and request to be unbanned for cyborg so I can show that I’ve improved as a sort of parole. Then later maybe get a chance to play AI again, thank you.

You literally just got a note about poor interactions with security this week, so I’m not ready to accept this yet. Feel free to re-appeal in a month/ after 50 in-game hours, whichever comes second.