Guntrax Ban Appeal Redux

Oakengrug Broadforge
Round #10711
Ban message:

Screenshot from 2020-11-01 23-09-50

Appeal: I constructed an automated announcement console in the library. Manray0 bwoinked me asking why I built an automated announcement console in the library. I responded that I had constructed said console because I wanted it to say a “haha funny” message when people arrived at the station. Manray0 responded that he did not think my message was funny. I asked him to suggest an alternative message to put on the automated announcement console, and then he gibbed me. Assuming that he was enraged by the original announcement console message, I asked him “uh oh, salty?” He then proceeded to gloat a bit about banning me and then banned me.

If this ban appeal does not seem complete to you, perhaps because the situation I just described doesn’t really match the ban message,then pull the logs and it will reflect exactly what I just said.

it took me hours to clean all the gibbs out of the books…
for real though seems like more overzealous administration from manray.

After looking through it, this was your second warning about building equipment you shouldn’t have that round (Golden warned you about making a teleporter and told you not to tide into tech storage to build equipment), and the “haha funny” message you put on the automatic message machine was a very obvious violation of core rule 4 on hate speech, not to mention that you then were pretty antagonizing in your ticket. Manray was lenient on your ban; he very easily could have taken it to the next level of progression due to your conduct in the ahelp, but he didn’t. I definitely would have.

Appeal denied.