Guy did a swag and admit in public chat asking to converted to antag and proceeded to go gun blasting

Byond Account: onetortoise
Character Name(s): Ray Edwards
Discord Name: tortoise
Round ID: 24979
Date: Mar 16 (GMT+8)
Griefer IC name:
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

Break rule, admit in public chat like a boss. I wasn’t in round so I am unable to give IC name but I was told there should be a ticket made in round regarding this incident .

I ahelped the guy in question and got no response (no admins on), I saw they were a podperson spawn that went on station and used gatfruit to shoot up on the emergency shuttle. Wasn’t on manifest and had the brainwash text I said in the screenshot.

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handled, thanks for the report.