Halloween Costume Contest

Hello crew! This year we’ll be holding a Halloween Costume contest with prizes and fun buses throughout the day on Halloween! The rules for the costume contest are that it must be MADE BY YOU you can submit anything that is within our community guidelines. So that means if you want to make cosplay costume that’s totally fine! Your costume must include at least uniform or a coat. You can do any additional sprites like gloves contacts wigs shoes or anything else you can think of. The prizes for this years Halloween costume contest are,

  • 1st place gets a $60 steam card
  • 2nd place gets $30 steam card
  • 3rd place gets a random game

We will set up a way to vote for costumes between October 26th till Midnight on Halloween. You must submit your costumes by the 25th so they can be added into the contest to submit your costumes we will open another thread that is ONLY for costumes. Here is a link on how to get your costume’s set up fulpstation/fulp_modules/features/halloween/2021 at master · fulpstation/fulpstation · GitHub If you have any questions we will answer them as they happen we have a Halloween-2021 channel on the discord. Good luck and Happy Spooky Month!!


With everyday that passes i wish more and more for an internet service provider to move to my area so i can play ss13 again. At least its spooky month

If you don’t want to/ don’t know how to PR your costume to the branch, feel free to ping me or the Halloween helper role on the discord :slight_smile:


Here’s the link to the post to submit designs on!