Hard Crit twice and robbed for slipping

Byond Account: fattyboomboom

Character Name(s): Red Smith, Raymond Palmer, Boris Bonkson

Discord Name: n/a

Round ID: 12054

Griefer Byond account: n/a

Griefer Byond name: Matt Fish, Mike Hawk, Aaron Sin

What happened:
I, as the clown, rested on the ground to slip a few passer-by’s as a joke.

After I slipped the QM, Matt Fish, and his friend, Mike Hawk, hard crit me. After the beating the QM stole my PDA while Aaron Sin stole everything else.

I ahelped it and the QM was supposed to give my PDA back. As I arrived at cargo I saw Aaron who said he didn’t have any of my stuff and that someone had stolen it from him (convenient). Meanwhile the qm was zoned out so I slapped him to make a sound and get his attention. Matt Fish and Mike hawk proceeded to beat me to hard crit for the second time and they were about to throw me into a disposals chute before being told by an admin for a second time to take me to medbay.

I went to see the QM after this to get my pda back and he told me he didn’t have it and to piss off.

This was all for slipping them once it is a massive overescalation, especially after being warned prior.

A minor infraction also occured as I was typing this report as the chef, Garbopulous Carbonuculunigarian, deconstructed his table to drag me into the kitchen so he could perform CQC on me also. I think I was only spared as a different chef intervened.

Note none of these players were antags and I didn’t do any damage to any of them.

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taken care of thank you.