Harrypooter_scooter mentor application (Or harrypooterscooter

Byond Account: Harrypooterscooter
Character Name(s): Main: Bella Narrscough, Marrsk and 2 more I never use so whats the point?
Discord Name: Im the real ッ#1862
Age: 17 (Turned in 12th seppie
Timezone: GMT (London time)
Active hours: 0.00001 hour :laughing_funny: No but seriously, I can be active for 5 hours in a game (5 rounds)

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: yes because of power, gimme gimme gimme gimme. (No joke, Yes since I’d like to help out more other then making SHIT guides)

How long have you played on Fulpstation? Clears throat 92 hours counting living hours… But if we also count ghost then 100+ (I aint doing the math)i have alot of time is well total from all my servers its 400+ hours, 200 in paradise. Goonstation I forgot I hate goonstation, Fulp 92 hours and CMSS13 100 hours I believe.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?


In the science department I can be pro at some jobs in science and some not so much, I poored my life into robotics taking up all my playtime. I can make mechs (With a bit of reminding from my notepad, Im a slow learner) and im skilled in making cyborgs and doing repairs. (In paradise station, Robotics is also one of my mains there) As a scientist doing circuits, Im one of the people who is getting decent at it and can help to a extent. Doing bomb making and core stuff is a big no no for me just because of all the wires and pipes as it confuses me and stuff but I know a TINY bit of doing that shizz. Gene boys im doing fine at, I can help out the best I can. Deputy I rarely ever do and its just sec but in a department.


Im gonna list the HOP into service since Im not waiting to do command, I am really well knowledged at HOP. I can Paint PDAs and print trims, I know you can only have 2 wildcard accesses (What I call it) unless you have other cards (Say you have a CentCom ID) You can have all access if the card doesnt have all access since Centcom doesnt have a limit on wildcards (EDIT: Ig you can say it doesnt have a limit since it takes all the access) And its pretty chill while doing it. I love managing stuff like HOP so its right at home AND is second fav job outta command. Bartender i havent even played much. Im dog water at doing drinking combos and it gets me a bit pissed so I dont really go there on that. Clown is just… Yeah im a ok clown. slip shitsec get beating funo. Mime is just the same, Im fine with mime. Libbrie (The library goblin) yeah im the same like HOP, Love putting books in shelfs and trolling people with all my languages.

Im not gonna list all the jobs and how good I am… I AM DOG WATER AT ALL MEDICAL ROLES. The only good one is paramed i rarely go. You will never see me go medical except certain occasions.


Meh… Its fine… Im fine at it.

not gonna go there either, I know how to do it but I just cant… Except warden. Im good at warden because its restocking the stuff and marking wantings Etc etc.


Funny cyborg laws go BRRRRRRRRRR.
I have little AI experience but I have it down, Solid 5/10.

Meh… Im fine. I can do things well and I can help out with anyone who needs to know something.

Same with medical, YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME BE A ENGINEER. Maybe I’ll patch some things up like hull breaches, Im fine with construction so i can help with that but anything electric. NO, NADA!

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
New players in the department I play. If they are new I’ll try to help them a bit then I’ll let them do it to see how well they do. But I also try and make them my assistant but anyways, I also notice How there is about 5 mentors and when I do a mentor thing with help I dont understand it takes long… I understand they’re busy and shit but I waited about 2 rounds long for a simple question. But from other servers, Medical is way different. But other then that nothing wrong with fulp in difference to say paradise… Except from fulps gamemodes. Loads more. Admins are wayyy better in fulp then para is well.

End notes: My anxiety is through the roof not because of getting denied or accepted but it just randomly comes on while doing apps. Gonna try and stay positive and look at the comments for my mistakes and gonna improve on peoples feedback. Your feedback will help me alot so I can improve and improve.

Also the funny guide maker is making a app??? UNHEARD OF!!! HAHAHA!

Also being a dipshit like the sentance above helps me cope.

Placing my general thoughts into this application:

We require mentors to be +17, at least be proficienct in one department and have 100 hours.

You’ve got less than 100 living hours (98 living, reaching 110 total hours due to time as a ghost).
You’re 17 due to your birthday in September 12 (ironically one day less than a month ago).
And your main proficient department seems to be Science.

You fit the requirements just barely, though I can’t help but feel this application is a bit rushed, considering barely passing the hours required and the age.

Your discord activity seems to be regular, I’d like to hear about other people’s experience with you, both in-game and in discord.

Not a +1 or a -1, rather just my thoughts.


Let me preface this by saying that admins make a decision on apps as a team, and no one person decides whether an app gets accepted.

That being said, we typically are hesitant to accept apps from 17-year-olds unless the staff knows them particularly well and are confident that they are mature enough to follow our code of conduct and respond reasonably when staff members need to discuss things with them. While yes, this is just a video game server and joking around/shitposting is generally accepted, there are times where it isn’t appropriate, and we expect mentors to know where that line is without being told. I really haven’t seen that from you in any of our interactions, like repeatedly calling me “sussy baka” when I was offering help with spriting, for example.

Personally, I’d need to see more living hours and a lot more maturity when interacting with staff before I’d be ready to endorse this.

Sorry for the slow reply, Slept.

Deal. I will be on after my gaming session on vr (One hour so 18:08 GMT time and 24 hour) and i’ll prove I can be serious. Also sorry for the sussy baka thing, Kinda my backup when I dont have anything good and I never have anything good. But i’ll prove I can be serious.


Denied for now. You seem like you’re helpful, but we’d really like to see a bit more maturity and it’d be better if you tried out those departments you are avoiding like the plague to increase your playtime. We’d also prefer that mentors be over 18. Please keep this all in mind if you would like to make another app.