Hate speech MD!

Byond Account: Littledude0205
Character Name(s): Angela Carmen
Discord Name: Angela Carmen / Littledude0205 (inkedmotherfly)
Round ID: 29922
Date: 12/19/2023
Griefer IC name: John Smith
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Core rule 4, Homophobic slur.
I was spectating the round and just happened to have caught it, but Montana Wright (Don’t know byond)(I don’t think they’re in the discord), was working with someone being detained or whatever, and John Smith said the f-slur.

John Smith says, “Are you gay”
Montana Wright (as Captain) knocks John Smith down with the telescopic baton!
John Smith says, “You’re such a [f-slur]”
Montana Wright (as Captain) is trying to put the handcuffs on John Smith!
Montana Wright (as Captain) handcuffs John Smith.
I don’t know the full context of the situation but to me it seemed like a Heated Gamer Moment:tm: and just probably someone you should do a slur check on.

I’m not entirely sure how strict it should be if I wasn’t the one directly involved, it was Montana Wright, but I happened to have noticed it, and asked them in dead chat if I could report it to which they said sure. Apologies if this causes issues in the long run.

This was handled thanks for reporting

please continue to report any and all hate speech, it’s not welcome here. Thanks again!

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