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my cousin “floatiebudgie” has been begging me to get un ban and to play with him because he gotten better and somewhat lonely so i wanted to know if i can make a another ban appeal, idk when i was ban and how many month it has been, i haven’t been play much of ss13 since the ban but im tryna get back into it(not a ban appeal)

You could have just asked when you could have ban appealed again but I guess this works idk

hi there! i am a staff member and if i look at your posts, your last appeal was placed in September of 2022. In your appeal you were told to wait 6 months to appeal again. i do believe March will be the 6 month period. you can try another appeal in March.I do not recommend putting one in before that. I am not an admin so i cannot handle your appeal, But that is the usual rule of thumb. hope this helps!