Head Ban - End of Round Subordinate Arrested

Byond Account: AbominationBanisher
Character Name(s): Rotciv Tilems
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Round ID of Ban: 17904

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State your appeal:

Hey. I’d like an outside opinion on this, because this ban feels wrong.

End of the round, warden and a security guard bring me a cocooned prisoner (who I mean, was obviously with them for some time by then). Told me they’re in for murder and attempted murder.

I’m referencing the warden’s job description here:

“Ensuring the safety and proper sentencing of prisoners is primarily the warden’s responsibility. This includes moving prisoners to safety during explosions, radiation storms, and evacuation.”

So I grab the prisoner, and warden and I bring him to perma and stick him in there.

I trusted the warden to properly arrest the security guard (and only bring him to me if he knew that he was guilty), based on the principle that he would only arrest the security guard, his own fellow comrade, on the basis of an egregious law violation and certainly not something that could have fallen within the bounds of self-defense, for example. That is why I took the warden’s word.

Obviously, investigation and analysis is a great thing. But there are limits to second-guessing and breathing over the shoulder of your subordinates (which is my job, basically), mostly in the region of he-said she-said. The only thing the analysis would have yielded me is the guard saying that the murder was justified due to self-defense, and the warden who brought him to me under the pretenses of him not believing that it was self-defense, would’ve argued otherwise. Ultimately I would’ve still taken the word of the warden and nothing would have changed.

Consider this, let’s assume that the security guard did really just shoot a bunch of people to death for no reason. There is nothing stopping him from claiming self-defense, which is only the natural reaction of a suspect to do. This is why I took the word of the warden.

This is why I would ask for an outside opinion on this, because I feel like the matter was brought to an end a bit too abruptly. I don’t want this appeal to have a shitter-esque tone so ignore any accidentally-placed bad intonations. Cheers.

I forgot my ban message, sorry.


Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security for 3 days - Command 1.1 - command must be competent Absolute shitshow of an HoS round. Didn’t do due diligence when allowing a sec officer to be perma’d after they killed another player in self-defense during cargonia. Round 17904

Id like to give some context as I was the sec officer being arrested here, I was trying to detain a cargo tech (using an energy gun) who had shot and killed me and looted my corpse earlier, I would have tried to non-lethally detain them but they had two WT rifles which they used to kill me… The brig doc and a medborg also helped them escape and kill me so I used the energy guns to crit them too, as the doctor was hitting me with a sword. A bystander officer then stunned and cuffed me (using an exploit with two batons to avoid the cooldown) and gave me to the warden. The warden then straight jacketed me, had my headset removed and muzzled me when I tried to reach out to the captain, who had given me the pinpointer to keep them safe. You then came into the brig and immediately put me in the permabrig’s isolation chamber, the captain saw this and Iv’e been told they asked you to talk to me, you didn’t.

I could not have really take your word in this situation over the word of a brig medic, warden, bystander officer, and a medborg. I assume that every person in for murder is automatically going to plead self-defense, and I grant it, like a previous round (or this round, at this point I’m not sure) where I paroled a clown who defended himself against a toolbox hitman in space. But I simply cannot let the assumption overrule the prosecution’s claim when basically my entire department except for me has participated in the exceptional act of arresting a fellow officer, and when an officer is charged with murder or attempted murder it’s stated that the murder was not in self-defense and rather arbitrary or the murder was an execution that was not approved by captain. If it’s a matter of he-said she-said on the matter of a self-defense claim between my entire security department versus one officer, it’s a matter where things simply won’t work out for the defendant. From what I got of the captain, he asked me a few times to give you leniency despite agreeing with warden on the crimes that you had committed, and when I pointed out that “I can’t provide favoritism to my subordinates, that’s pretty corrupt” he agreed and then left it at that. I apologize that you got the short-end of this confusion and situation.

you didnt even know i would say it was self defense because i never even spoke infront of you

Trusting your officers is fine in the majority of cases, but when it comes to an arrest within your own department, you should be investigating these things a little more in-depth. Also, that torture RP you did with them was pretty gross. The whole round, you pushed for the worst punishment for every thing you could as well. Command is held to a high standard, as they have a large impact on how the round goes, and all of this together was not acceptable. It’s only a 3 day ban, you can wait it out. Denied.