Heisters Antag (Basically Better and Funner Thieves)

Quote: “Alright ramblers, let’s get rambling”
“What third world country made this drill!?”
Not all members of the Syndicate are completely professional at their jobs exactly. Here we have a four-man crew planning to steal valuables from the station aboard while shouting, joking and killing along the way. However, these most-likely-insane ragtag gang of robbers are a force to be reckoned with, similar to Nuke Ops.
Possible Variants:
“You gentlemen have been chosen because despite your…questionable sanity, your skills and intellect are perfect for this. Today’s job is to rob Nanotrasen of its valuables, leaving it free for our invasion. Good luck, gentlemen, and as always, be discrete.”
Their clown masks are red and green, syndicate colors
“You are the worst, of the worst, of the worst, but you’re good at what you do best. You’re in luck we’re hiring for murderhobos such as yourself. I want you to give me some stuff Nanotrasen has, in exchange for your freedom”
They begin with prisoner jumpsuits instead
“Alright, gang, I’ve heard good loot is in this space station, so I think it’s time we earn our payday with their valuables. Good luck guys”
Heisters begin their operation in a shuttle that enters Departures when they’re ready for the mission (go to the station), with suits and clown masks you can put on (they don’t serve much purpose but does turn you into “Unknown”). They are given more TC than traitors but less than nuke ops. With most if not all of nuke ops equipment available for purchase, it also includes some tools to help you in your quest for valuables, such as the thermal drill (this one doesn’t jam!) used for areas difficult to get through, even with the override card, more weapons (mostly live ammo) like an M249 or M4A1, headphones for playing sick heist music, and “builds” that work similar to implants, granting dodging bullets to a percentage, healing with drinking alchohol, rechargeable EMP devices, etc. Your missions are basically Traitor robbery objectives but in three, to balance with how much equipment you are given. You can either escape through escape pods, shuttle, or a getaway shuttle in Departure for an earlier victory. It doesn’t mean the shuttle would come instantly, though, it takes time (like maybe 5 minutes) and you must defend Departures from anything coming your way if they find out about your plans. That’s all for now. Good luck heisters, and enjoy your payday!

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so its nuke ops but with a gimmick arrival and escape method less TC and references?

Basically Payday 2 Nuke Ops, but yeah kinda

this is just pirates

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Was just about to say this could be a variation of pirates thats just extremely rare