Heliomata Undicilia Security Officer

Byond Account: Arthensos

Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden

Discord Name: Neumann(Katherine Hayden)

Round ID: 8932

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Heliomata Undicilia

What happened: I told in medbay during surgery that if anyone pushes me again, I will start murdering. This sec officer immiedately pushed me, laughed in my face, so I attacked him with a saw to scare him off. She proceded to arrest me, but a moth MD stood up in my defence. We both got detained, my syringe gun got stolen and we got thrown to the brig. HoS, captain and lawyers weren't responding to my calls. She cuffed me to bed, left me there and returned after 5-10 minutes to give me 10 minute timer. Also she pretended that she didn't do anything and that I attacked without reason. I spent like 20-25 minutes away from medbay.

Taken care of.