Hello john willard, mentor turned mod on the ss13 server fulpstation

hello John Willard, this is your last warning to stop doing doing ketamine while on mod duty, it is destroying your health and everyone around you is worried sick. Just yesterday, when I saw him doing ketamine inside the dormitory, I tried to tell him to stop doing it but he just shot me and spin flip clap laughed ontop of my body. Please, somebody help this man.

A concerned Fulper



hey man i think i can sue jon wilarnardo cause this one time while iw as mentoring ship dming he answered my mentorcall even though he wasn’t am etnor that’s like giving me financial advise even though you aren’t a financial advisor you think i can milk him of like 1million dollars?

hwo unbuckel hlep

yeah man he never removes people’s eyes when i pray asking them to do so either, kind of silly if u ask me :/

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The “M” in “John M Willard” is for Ketamine.

He also spaced my cat ears and wouldn’t let me wear them in medbay.

Please get some help John

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He did you a favor :crazy_face:

It helps the patients relax! It makes me more APPROACHABLE

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I usually load up my syringe gun with 15u of morphine and that helps my patients relax