Heretic Tips & Strats

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I’m making a heretic guide video (one in general and one for each path). Can y’all post your best tips and advice which I can include. It can be in general or for a specific path.

Bluespace bodybag, have good mood, look for good openings to get someone without any backlash (comms callouts, sec comes, they kill you, other people around them kill you)

Making a shiv with glass and cloth counts as a knife.

A Few General Tips:

  • You can get a lot of knowledge points by scouting out all of the station’s influences through a security console and harvesting them with a Codex Cicatrix. This is particularly easy if you have ways to get in and out of places (tools/Ashen Passage.)
  • If you make a Codex Cicatrix or any other minor (but nonetheless incredibly incriminating) heretic item and you don’t have a foolproof way to hide it, then always carry two or more blades. Security will definitely know about and pursue you after you use one to escape from them, but that’s better than getting your heretic round ruined by an officer randomly running up to you with a baton for a search.
  • Stacks of less than roughly twenty materials count as small items and can fit in boxes. On most paths this means you can fit all the materials needed to make twenty blades (cloth and glass for shivs plus your path’s blade item) in a single box. If you have a Codex Cicatrix then this makes you nearly impossible to catch because you can teleport away from every dangerous situation and make more blades to keep running with in ten seconds.

Hyperspecific Cosmos Tips:

  • A lesser known fact about the Path of Cosmos, which I only learned about by reading the code directly as it isn’t on the TG wiki, is that you can actually transport other people on cosmic runes-- they just have to have a star mark, and you have to be on the rune with them.
  • Also the final cosmos blade upgrade (“Cosmic Blade”) does much more than give your blades additional damage. It actually allows you to do some sort combo where, if you hit four people consecutively with no more than two seconds between hits, you gain a cosmic carpet trail. Admittedly that’s a very obscure and minimally useful blade mechanic, but it’s still rather neat!

listing knife sources in general is good it was what i always struggled with most at the start

be robust

'nuff said

Break your blade when you get batoned, break your blade when low health and in a fight, break your blade when facing more than one opponent or you’re not confident in fighting someone, blade path can make 5 blades so it’s really good for hit and run tactics, you shouldn’t try to fight people head on unless you’re really robust, don’t use modsuits - they’re slow and don’t have as much backpack space, armorer’s ritual is really good - the armor fits in your backpack, has good stats, works as a helmet, focus and hides your identity, if it’s a high threat star - expect lots of breaches so invest in some form of EVA, space suit, jetpack, captain modsuit is good in zero g, hyper noblium crystals give pressure and cold immunity, pressure adaptation from gene, speed potion from xenobio to apply to mods. Try to stay stealthy so you can gather your transmutation items in peace. Getting maints access is very good, the rules allow you to kill people to gain access (just don’t go overboard) insuls is a good investment (don’t forget to take them off when using batons and guns) stun batons are really strong, stun then kill. Mansus grasp deals 80 stamina damage, punches deal 10 stamina damame: do grasp, shove, 2 pumches and they’re now in stamcrit. Mansus grasp is unblockable, good for disarming shield users and sword users. You can take items off of your sacrifices (dick move if they have nothing useful, don’t forget that they get a major debuff and won’t be able to fight you well after getting sacced) moon path isn’t that good btw

break your blade when

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there’s poppies in the funeral rooms of most chaplain maps
Helio’s funeral room is in maints left of the crematorium
icebox have them in the chaplain’s gathering room at the bottom of the screen by the wooden desks
meta has them in the gathering room by the doors as you enter the chapel
Use to be able to make living hearts with them, not sure what rituals need them anymore besides flesh

i think glass shivs work. at least, i heard they do.

Trouble getting eyes for the focus? You can craft flashlight eyes, a vegan alternative, from two flashlights and wire cuffs.

Flesh grasp and shattered ritual both require a corpse with a soul to make into a minion, but imperfect riual (the one flesh discovers right after flesh grasp) can use a soulless corpse.

You can use some pointed spells through walls, even when you don’t see the target, though it is impractical. If you have ashen eyes, you will be able to make use of this much more efficiently.

Try to avoid limbswapper anomalies, they WILL get rid of your living heart and you will have to make another, which is easy, but inconvenient.

Three critical things really…

  1. Your main kill combo is mansus grasp —> shove —> stab with blade x5. The shove gives a 3 second stun that lets you stab them 3-4 times, by the time they’re out of it it’s 1-2 trivial clicks while they’re in damageslow to crit.

  2. Get a bodybag. Non-negotiable. Fireman carrying is okay but pretty slow and dragging them is even slower and leaves behind a trail. Use the bodybag once they’re crit, not dead - you want to minimize the time you’re in public doing bad stuff.

  3. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. If the goal is to ascend you often need 5-6 sacs, two of which will be command/sec. There will rarely be a perfectly opportunity and you’re likely to run out of time if you take 25 minutes for each sac. Killing is essentially guaranteed and takes just a few seconds with (1), and with (2) you have a fast escape, so most opportunities are going to be good opportunities.

Of course always keep blades stocked to break, but people have already said that so I didn’t bother listing it.

remember to sacrifice people