Hi fulp station, Voxel modeler from Bee station here

Heyooo, the name is JoyKillz.
I’ve been playing SS13 for about a year now and thought “man, time to try out another server”
I remembered “oh yeah, abunch of guys from NG made a SS13 server, and I use NG all the time!”, that and “new players welcome” and well, Needless to say the intimidation of screwing up other people’s RP was next to none.

I post stuff like this

A l o t

and at some point assuming I get up to regular here, I’ll be posting alot more of it and even taking requests and makin votes regarding gettin stuff made into voxel models such as the one pictured.

See you around Fulp station.


Hi welcome to the server! If you’re interested in getting to know the community, you should join the discord whenever you have time! Feel free to post your art in the art channel there, and have fun!

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I’ll probably join the discord just as a formality, between Xbox live and the forums I’m in, I’ve got enough on my plate communications wise.

Also, I’m really turned off by the knarly data gathering/selling on discord’s end.

yooo what software do you use to make that

Yoo rotating moth 10/10 welcome to the community

that looks so good what do you use to make it?

I used Magica-Voxel, by Ephtracy., it the killer app for all voxel modeling, it’s also free and very easy on the CPU and UI side of things.

Additionally I’ve reached into the githubs and pulled out the icon packs for the game for reference, Currently I have an outdated version of Bee’s “Hornet master” and a current Icon pack, but I’ll be hopping on the Fulp Github and pulling the icon pack from there too.

you can find my collection of voxel models on my NG profile, which is linked as my website on the forums, some of my models are even available for download in ZIPs in the file dump.

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sweet ima give it a look because that just looks awsome

OH I SEE you sculpt it thats cool

tahnk you for the moth contribution please post more in the future, welcome

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I plan on it, fear not.