Homes Hippo - Griefing as a non-antag

Byond Account: johnwillard
Character Name(s): John Willard
Discord Name: John Willard#6211
Round ID: 14236
Griefer Byond account: –
Griefer Byond name: Homes Hippo
What happened: As a non antagonist Asssitant, broke into Chemistry and made a chemical bomb. I was a (at the time) deaf medical deputy, I told them to leave several times and tried to drag them out, they kept resisting, so I peppersprayed them and removed them. They responded by throwing a chemical grenade at me, turning the atmos frozen and toxic, which was never repaired for the rest of the round. They then later went on to yell at me for abuse of power, and even used a few (non rule breaking) slurs, and talked about eating ‘white shit’ for some reason?

Here’s a low quality video of the grief patrol, because I was too lazy for screenshots.

I ahelped in-round but there were no admins online and I never got a response.

can we stop to acknowledge the fact that this man is manually blinking and breathing while arresting a dude


This has been taken care of, thanks for the report!