[Horatio] SinfulBliss - Permaban (Reappeal)

Byond Account: SinfulBliss
Character Name(s): Axle Brady
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): sinfulbliss#0265
Round ID of Ban: 15432

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Hello! I was told I could appeal this in a few months, it’s been around 8mo now. It was a mistake to joke about tiding a server, even if it didn’t have action behind it, so I apologize for that. I also at the time had a lot of notes for powergaming and regularly tried to rules-lawyer to justify holding onto various items (toolbelt, antag stuff etc.). I have no interest in doing that anymore - I tried to play Fulp like TG and that was probably the source of my problems.

Back in October a player who had once made a successful grief report against me recommended I appeal the ban, so I figure it’s worth a shot. I’ve had quite a colorful history here in the past but I’m confident I can avoid breaking Fulp rules in the future.

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I’m very conflicted on this ban. I think you haven’t changed and this is just a cry for attention so you can cry that fulp admins are mean to you. There is so many instances of you saying how bad it is here and how its so unfair ontop of just blatantly lying.


I seriously don’t see a reason behind this appeal because you’ve made it more then clear how much you don’t like it here. I mean the oldest screen shot here is a little over a week and a half. But during the discussion on this some of the mods vouched for you saying you’ve changed. So I want to know why you’d even want to come back and why this should be considered a genuine appeal.


To be honest, even if this appeal were closed for those messages alone I would understand - I don’t have any intention of using it as an excuse to cry about Fulp admins. I’ve been playing other servers besides TG recently and just thought it would be fun to try Fulp again.

I’ve been open about my ban being frustrating on the TG discord, but I think it was only frustrating because I tried to play Fulp like TG. That was a bad idea and it’s no wonder it was frustrating. I don’t intend to do that anymore if I’m unbanned - I’ve been playing lots of servers with different rules lately and it’s going very well. That said I understand being skeptical of this appeal as a whole and don’t fault you at all for that.


We’ll give you one last chance since some of our mods say you can handle and you seem to think you will be able to follow the rules this time. You will go right back to a perma if you start acting up again