HoS abuses authority

Byond Account: Momocrisps

Character Name(s): Momo Crisps

Discord Name: Momocrisps#7355

Round ID:11555

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Wiz

What happened: The Captain decides to give a deputy assigned to Medical riot gear, just because they got beaten up. I say this is a really poor decision on the Captain’s part, and this erupts into an argument in sec comms, with the HoS criticizing me as a worker, calling me unable to work because someone has armor (Despite me doing plenty of investigation as a Detective beforehand). I criticize back, saying they have shown sheer incompetence as an HoS, by leaving a dead body in Perma and telling me to go investigate it instead of bringing them to Medbay (they still had a soul), leaving the unpowered doors to perma open, making it so I have to close them for them, and ignoring my warnings when I tell them the perma prisoners were attempting to break out. By the end of this, the HoS threatens to demote me, and sets me to arrest. This is completely illegal in terms of space law and a blatant abuse of authority. There were also security officers in comms enabling them, asking for permission to get a mute mutator and forcibly use it on me, or to get me psychological evaluation. I ended up having to hide in maintenance from security, where a detective and deputy both found me and supported my side. I eventually got tired of this so I killed myself to go spawner, but the HoS completely ruined my round because they were petty. Eventually, they went SSD in a pod, while security was asking where they were.

Worth noting that I DID ahelp this during the round shortly after they set me to arrest, but never got a response.

I’ve looked into this and I agree that this was abuse of power and that they should’ve ahelped before going SSD. Have given them a note to reflect this and asked them to fully read our core rules and command/sec responsibilities or further action will be taken.