HOS abusing his job and sents me to death

Byond Account: Protonyashka
Character Name(s): Xestia Hamifera
Discord Name: sufferings#0088
Round ID: 22649
Date: 16.10.22 (16th of October, GMT+4)
Griefer IC name: Keefer Moffat
Griefer Byond account (if known): -

What happened: I joined the round as geneticist, and got Traitor antag role. It was around 50 minute, and almost all mutations were already discovered by my co-workers. I opened uplink in maintenance, and got objective to kill HOS’s pet spider. Before starting, i tried to search for another traitor, and found a cargo technican name of what I can’t remember. We met in the bar, and after got to the genetics maints. We discussed our sleeper agent plan, and then I went to space. I wanted to break into office by the space wall, so i bought syndicate toolbox(Then i dropped it in maints). I started deconstructing the wall, but when i finished, i was spotted by the AI(Not sure, maybe it seen me only after engi borg went to breach. I pretended that only found this breach and gave borg some tips to fix the wall. After I got back to my lab, I started printing tools on protolathe. I came out in the science hall, secoff arrested me and got to Brig (I had active freedom implant, but hasn’t used it. I didn’t wanted to be a confirmed traitor). In Brig i met captain, hos and other secoffs, that started searching me for something illegal. I was saying that i really tried to broke into the hos’s office, but only to “steal his cool hat”. They haven’t found anything illegal, uplink was closed, i had only tools in bag and nothing else. Only that they could use as proof - my messages to cargotech, but technically they couldn’t use them as proof(That could be just a communication between two friends). Instead putting me in cell for few minutes(Because i only tried to break in, but hasn’t steal anything), HOS(Keefer Moffat) sent me into a labor camp. There was a goliath beast outside, that started breaking walls and windows. I hadn’t any internals, weapon or at least defence, so i hadn’t ANY chances on surviving. I died because ran out of oxygen in camp, and there was much of CO2. Basically, HOS sent me on my death, without any real proofs(There was another dead burning guy).

P.S. Sorry for grammar, not very good in english

handled. thanks for the report!