HOS Executes Clown For Throwing Pie

Byond Account: Crumpaloo
Character Name(s): Silver Yellow (me as Clown) Cristian Jackson (HOS)
Discord Name: Crumpaloo
Round ID: 15020
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: N/A
What happened:

So what started all of this was me wanting to do a clown prank by typing “honk” over the P.A. system, HOS and Cap get there and HOS pulls out his stun baton so instead of just taking it i throw a pie in his face and stun him with his own baton before promptly escaping without any of his gear.

Everyone laughs except HOS who after being caught tries to send me to Gulag permanently, like as in, forever, for throwing a pie in the mans face. Seeing the fucked up situation i was in i try to resist and escape where i can while on the shuttle.

Well i dont know if he was new or just salty but he stuns me way more then he needs to and even harm batons me at times where im already full stunned, on the ground, unable to move. Eventually it gets to the point where he has stunned me so much that he resorts to beating me while im already incapped, with cuffs on, putting me in crit.

However, intead of taking me to get medical treatment for my crit before taking me to the Gulag, this fucking guy takes me back onto the gulag shuttle in crit, shoves me in a cell in lava land, and leaves me to die from my injuries later ahahahahah. No attempt whatsoever to heal me from crit after he puts me in the cell, i literally die in lavaland because of the injuries hos gave me and refused to heal.

It was only after a hour later that a lawyer drags hos back to lavaland to let me get revived, and even then when i do get revived i have trauma in every organ in my body, am partially blind, and got massive brain damage. This all taking place at round end where im only just barely alive long enough to be dragged onto the shuttle and die in a suicide bombing on the operating table.

TL;DR: HOS Tried to Perma Gulag me for trespassing and throwing a pie in his face, harmbatons, beats me to crit, makes a concious effort not to get me healed from crit, leaves me in lavaland prison cell crit and to eventually die from my injuries that HE gave me in the first place, most of which was harmbatoning and excessive force. Fucks off for a hour before being having a lawyer force him to come back to have a brig medic revive my now rotting corspe, then 5 minutes later round ends.

This has now been handled, by me!