HOS executes prisoner without authorization

Byond Account: Nonameboss
Character Name: Mitch Weeler
Discord Name: nonameboss
Round ID: 28832
Date: 10/17/2023
Griefer IC name: Seeks-The-Glory
Griefer Byond account (if known): (confusedmonke on discord, may be the same)

What happened: During this round, there was few clowns that were making a bunch of clownanas at dorms. The HOS (Seeks) attacked one and got put into crit because of their neutral ai and their sheer strength. A bunch of stuff plays out and sec loses a bunch of their gear to the clownanas, yet the clowns never used any of it, staying peaceful throughout everything. Eventually they get things under control and the people responsible (I believe it was 2 people) and they get imprisoned. However, when I went to visit them in jail, I only saw one of them in a cell with no timer and cuffs on. He then told me that they gibbed the clown (this guy was an assistant) and they were celebrating this. I then proceeded to ask the cap (Jackie Boot) if they authorized this execution, but she seemed shocked at the news that someone was executed. What Seeks said later in discord all but confirmed my fears.

(meaning he authorized an execution without the cap’s approval)

Not to mention the fact that he didn’t seem to care that sec was being super shit sec. The guy in the cell I was talking about had a warden open the door and shoot him with one of those temp revolvers (as well as teargas I believe). I did approach him about this and he did say he would look into it. In spite of that, what he went on to say in discord makes me believe otherwise, to the point where he may have endorsed his behavior. (That being the last screenshot)

All in all, I really don’t believe Seeks-The-Glory to be fit for security, or at the very least HOS.


T.Hanks this has been looked into!