HoS uses Witch Hunt logic to valid a Paradox (and gets lucky)

Byond Account: Chilli Dog Dave
Character Name(s): Dave (this round Methusala)
Round ID: 30830
Date: 2/13/2024
Griefer IC name: Head of Security - David Coggers (or i believe thats what i remember the name of the HoS being)

What happened:
playing paradox clone i decide to setup a bait for the security to think i was murdered and dumped in lavaland and this mostly works, up until the HoS finds me after great struggle and decides “look he still has a soul so he is clone” then suddenly this goes from a clever plan to a facepalming session in dchat over how they used such bazar logic to figure out who the paradox clone is (and using non-IC logic to define how to figure out an antag)
this of course goes the way you expect it, taken back to shuttle, towards medbay and… nope, back to security and proceeded to be shuttle gibbed on nothing more than a 50-50 guess with no real argument beyond “he still has a soul so must be antag” which equates to “they did not rage quit or DNR so they must be an antagonist” which is obviously a really out of character and false statement as me and many other play rounds to the end and only go DNR if we take up a ghost roll we think is more fun than waiting for a possible revival.
i can accept i died, i was valid but i was valid because of pure luck, they had the possibility of validing the wrong person and round removing them on nothing more but dumb logic and flipping a coin

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Don’t trust in round antagonists that are allowed to exploit dchat. It was a very good bait though.