Hotdog Tokens (words to meet character limit)

Pucci, the head of PseudoStaff, has refused to give me hotdog tokens following the late fulpstations demise, I would like to hire a rules lawyer to prosecute this filthy bellend before he shoves more wankerish excuses down our gobs.


Hello my dad works for byond and I will tell him to ban pucci


I recall owning several of these tokens yet all my efforts to redeem them have failed. Strange how staff continue to shove their fascist ideas down our throats with outrageous claims such as “hotdog tokens do not exist”. We know what youre hiding.


Leaked photos from inside the vault. They think we can’t smell the sickening scent of hotdogs and lies on their breath? The corporate echelon has a reconning coming and it won’t be pretty.

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I’ll be a lawyer, but for Pucci instead because I believe he’s in the right.

In order to get into the true spirit of hotdog tokens you’d need Drack and Manray back. Those times are well behind us