How do giant ants work

how do giant ants work coulda sworn i saw one and id like to know how to cause one to appear?spawn one


ant gaming

I don’t know but I’m Mike in discord and zzzmike ingame, bug me about this, I’ll make it happen sometime as long as you’re a nice ant and don’t break down doors etc. @Insom

you make them with a chemical reaction or xenobio

5u of maintenance sludge, 50u of ants, 20u of synth flesh in a container that you heat up spawns an ant

Time to make emergency ant grenades then


Maint Sludge? is that Rat Slurry? hopefully not that shits so buggy

maintenance sludge is maintenance sludge

also i am unaware of how slurry is buggy, just dip a mouse in the weld fuel and grind it?