How do you craft/upgrade cell chargers?

I’ve been using the Mechanical sect but I never have enough cells… Is there any way to make cell chargers or upgrade them?

You can print cell charger boards from any circuit imprinter (Engineering and Science spawn with them). To build the machine, you will need 5 sheets of iron to make a machine frame, then add cable, the board, a capacitor and use a screwdriver to finish it (use a wrench as well to bolt it in place).

To upgrade them you will need a better tier of capacitors, there are 4 different tiers available as long as R&D is working to get the best ones. When you get a better capacitor, you will have to either 1) Reconstruct the machine by screwdriver and crowbaring it to put the new capacitor; or 2) Get yourself a RPED or a Bluespace RPED (they can be printed from Engineering and Science protolathes), put your capacitors inside it and then screwdriver and use the RPED on the machine if you have a regular RPED or just click it if it’s a bluespace one.


tl;dr ?

print cell charger board from circuit imprinter, put board in machine frame with other material thingys to build.
upgrade it by using better capacitors which RD unlocks