How to be a TRUE Ace Attorney

Joestar’s Ace Attorney guild

This is a guild for how to defend someone who is totally guilty innocent. There are a few things you should always remember as a lawyer:

  1. Sec has total right to ignore you in space law it clearly says:

“Prisoners are permitted to seek legal representation; however, you are under no obligation to provide or allow this.”

  1. you are under the HoP so when Captain inevitably dies you basically become a god
  2. A firm knowledge of space law is needed
  3. Warden or HoS will ether love or hate you so make them love you.
  4. If someone is stuck in brig with no evidence for over 10 minutes they must be let go.
  5. Detectives can be used against security as they find the truth so if you can get your hands on detective gear.

Here are some other general tips to help you in the practice of law:

  1. If someone is sentenced to death (for something other than EoC) ask for them to be perma so you can gather information of the crime and make a case.
  2. Criminal cases are common but harder to proses you can always do civil cases (person vs person)
  3. Pick and choose your cases if you think they are innocent then take it don’t annoy people by choosing bad cases.
  4. You can alway plea insanity to save from executions

Something I like to do is make a agreement with captain that he makes sure you get a case. Also Its more fun if you have one of the other lawyers act as a production and one as defense so you get some “conflict” in cases. If you get a new warden or HoS you may be able to pull the sheet over there eyes by claiming some things to make them think they did a illegal arrest for example:

  1. Detectives arnt officers they cant make arrest so if someone is detained by a detective its a bad arrest i call it “void”.
  2. Deputies also cant be the one to toss the criminal into jail but they can arrest so if the deputy processes its also a “void” arrest.
  3. There is no reason listed for the arrest so you can’t arrest them

Alrighty so lets say HoS capitulated and let you have a case we will say the case is criminal over assault of a person and no sec personnel witnessed it. Here are some steps/guidelines you should to follow:

  1. Interrogation:

Ask your client for every pice of information possible. Some key things are who, what, when, where and why


Who was involved and around when it happened


What exactly happened (your story will most likely be biased in favor of your client) if the story is clearly biased USE it. As they will have to disprove everything so if you set the truth in your favor when something is disproven it will become even so you still hold the edge.


When did it happen a major event like chem blowing up or something like that is helpful as it will help you prove someone wasn’t or was around.


Where because same reason as when as you cant be in two places at once. Where and when kinda go hand in hand.


A motive can help you or hurt you and if it hurts you it helps you cover your bases against a counter offensive.

  1. Gather Evidence:

Its hard to support a claim of assault with a bat if there is no bat. Key things to look for when you are investigating:


if the person is bloody who’s blood is it? If they are clean it’s unlikely they where in a fight (a shower or something can clean this quickly so its not as easy to support but still is evidence)


A assault with a weapon is hard to make a claim against if there is no evidence of a weapon.


Witnesses are key to cases as one person’s testimony isn’t enough.

When you have a witness (that you call)

Its helpful for them to have to answer yes or no questions like

“Did you see A attack B”

“Where you there when it happened”

“Was there anyone else around when it happened”

If possible its good to have them tell you the full story like your client (a voice recorder can record and print a transcript so you can have multiple people testifying)

Pro tip its harder for someone to counter you if they don’t know what you got so don’t tell unless they ask but make sure to ask others


If someone was attacked it easy to prove if it really happened if there is damage if not any ask what doctor and get a medical evaluation

  1. Trial time

You got your transcripts your witness and evidence all ready now its time for court!

Some things you should get clear with your people is this:

Don’t talk unless talked too (you can have them whisper to you if there is something they disagree with)

When asked a question respond in a vague way that answers the questions but doesn’t give them complete evidence i.e

“Q: Where were you at the time of the crime?

A: on the station”

(elaborate if asked to otherwise you may seem guilty to the judge)

Present ether everything at once to overwhelm the opposition or only what you need to win if you think the opponent is good then present bit by bit to prove what is necessary to win as once you hit a piece of evidence that they cant counter its harder to disprove it without more info as if you present everything something may contradict what you put forward.


Its now the opponents turn to present evidence. Now it may seem cheesy but do like they do in ace attorney and press everything make them explain in detail to find the contradiction. evidence is better than testimony to prove a contradiction. (unless you have like 3 testimonies that counter what the other person says)

Contradictions are the tool of counter offensive as it proves the opposition is lying and there testimony should be taken with a grain of salt.

If all else fails just say your client pleas insanity so they just get perma.

This is just a general guild to criminal cases for ya but this is fulp so court cases almost never happen so……

Thanks for coming to my ted talk
(Stuff is probably wrong so just ignore it)


This is actually kinda illegal rulewise, although who cares?