How To keep yourself fed and happy if Chef's are either Dead, AWOL or incompetent?

Too Many Rounds I have started to get hungry IC and leave the safety of my lab/office/workplace to make the Pilgrimage to the Bar/Café. On Good days there will be a pile of food and chefs ready to try and make custom orders but on too many occasions recently the Cafe has been Empty or has a Chef making Dodgy butter dogs or other dubiously edible ‘foods’.

In those situations what is the Most effective way to feed yourself and get that Frowny face from the mood bar to go way?

just be a lizard and then everyone you meet can be future food

Try timmies candy cigarette, should contain nutrients. U can find it in ciggy vending machines (you can also eat the burnt out cigarette end for more food)

If that fails, try getting in medical / cargo break rooms for boxes of hot pockets.

cup ramen, my love. also random donuts or donk pockets around the place

you can always grow food in the public garden. then you can grab it up with a plant bag and bring it with you! less trips out into the halls (aka Detroit). take care of your hunger AND you get a small amount of botany knowledge when you do it! hope this helps :)

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i use ageusia so i can eat anything i find around without minding my mood, i normally feed on mice found in maints