How to kill the colossus (most of the time)

This guide is a result of all my experiences of trial and error against the beast which eventually led to me actually killing it.

Here are some of the simple rules when it comes to fighting any mega fauna

1: Always carry some sort of healing items with you that can range from legion cores to luxury pens.Trust me not being slowed from being hurt is going to make you get hurt a lot less + you know healing

2: If someone offers to help you always agree (unless you’re one of those emo solo miners) fighting a megafauna with someone who knows what they’re doing makes the fight so much easier

3: Don’t get greedy if you feel like you’re going to win the fight, take it slow regardless most megafauna are ready to pretty much instant kill you if you let your guard down.


Now that we’ve gone over the basics let’s talk about the colossus. So you’ve suddenly decided that you want to kill the giant, well you’re in luck I’ll tell you exactly how. First for preparation you want to get enough mining points to get at least 2 luxury epi pens because yes the fight can tend to be long as well as at least 3 stabilization serums for legion cores, and some way to quickly teleport out of danger once you are too hurt some of these items include, the red and blue cube (dropped from necropolis chests) which are probably the most reliable since they instantly pop you out of danger, the hierophant’s staff is also really good since it allows you to teleport in battle as well as teleport you and whoever else was with you to safety, and last is the Fulton packs these aren’t really reliable and are basically a last resort if you can’t get any of the other items. Just remember the colossus doesn’t care about your armor it hits right through it so there’s no point in getting ash drake armor or maxing out your explorer suit if you’re planning to kill it. Once you got all of these just use your gps to start tracking down the
angelic signal

the colossus looks like this:

(Lizard miner scale)

once you’re relatively close to it start carving out an arena big enough for you to move freely without having to worry about brushing up against the colossus or just use the hierophant’s arena which is much better since it has unbreakable walls. By the way I recommend using range + cool down + cool down on your KA to avoid having to get close while still doing good damage

The actual fight:

Once you’re finished carving out your arena shoot the colossus and immediately run away towards your arena (Make sure to dodge the death bolts) at this point the colossus only does 4 attacks only 2 of which you really have to worry about. The most common one is a slow spray of death bolts signaled by the colossus saying “Judgement” you mostly want to run around the colossus trying to avoid the death bolts while still going in to get a couple shots you should be able to get past this attack without taking too much damage however once the colossus gets below a certain amount of health “Judgement”’s attack pattern will change to instead be a constant spray from both directions, it’s next move is probably it’s easiest once the colossus says “Lament” it shoots 4 death bolts in each cardinal direction just stay at an angle where neither of the alternating death bolts can hit you this is your chance to deal as much damage as you possible can, next we have one of its more concerning attacks in which the colossus says “Wrath” the moment you hear this run as far as you can from the colossus and focus on squeezing in between the incoming death bolts being too close to the colossus while this happens will most likely one shot you, and now with have debatably it’s strongest attack “Retribution” think of it like a giant pump shotgun if you’re anywhere near the colossus and can’t get away in time you’re dead I also recommend waiting at least 3 seconds before going back in to get a hit since “Retribution” has a chance to shoot up to 3 times in a row depending on how much hp the colossus has.
Obligatory wiki for megafauna

After you (hopefully) won:

Congrats you vanquished the titan now you can bask in its loot… But to be honest it’s really mediocre once you open the chest you will obtain an organ called “godly vocal chords” this does not work like most lavaland organs do not try to use it on yourself otherwise you will take a bite out of it and make it completely useless you’ll have to go to medical to ask them to put it in ya or you can just give it to the clown chaplain. Next is the anomalous crystal which can do 6 random things based on rng upon being interacted with some being good others just being a literal death bolt or turning you into a clown you’d probably want to test what it does before sending it back up with a Fulton or dragging it back with you to the mining base.

I made this while sleep deprived at 1:47 if I made any mistakes just tell me I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can

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