How to Live and Escape Threats

This is a guide about mood, health, running speed, and how to maximize their potential. Many new players don’t focus enough on mood or health. If you want to maximize your chance of survival during any round you HAVE TO KEEP YOUR HEALTH 100%. More health means you can take more hits before you slow down. The more health your missing the slower you’ll go. Your first priority should be to go to medbay if you don’t know what’s hurting you, or if your damage is not burn or brute. If you have minor brute and burn you can usually find a med kit with some sutures and regen mesh nearby, apply these to afflicted areas. Examine your self to see what damage is worse. The more you know about medical by playing medbay roles the easier it is to manage your own health.

Mood - /tg/station 13 Wiki Mood is a huge part of running speed, and can be the edge when facing an even competitor. This tg link will show you a little bit about how it works. If your mood is low its usually hunger, and you can always examine the mood face to see what’s affecting you. Being full feed without injuries usually leads to a happy or content mood. If you need a mood buff smoking and drinking alcohol will help, but beware because if you get addicted you will have to smoke or chug the whole round and you’ll use a ridiculous amount of substance to keep you afloat. Usually its a bit harder to get addicted to alcohol, but smoking depends on what cigar you smoke. The robust pack of cigars can get you addicted in a single smoke while smooth might take 3.

If your at full health and happy mood you can walk through a breached hallway and back without going critical, but if your at say half health and your mood is terrible you would die in the breached hallway trying to cross it. Always avoid breaches if you can, because unless your 100% with a good mood you wont survive. Usually maints is a good side path to avoid these breaches.

Fighting a losing fight there are still some tricks to end off in a better position. Close quarters is always better for the underdog. If you can push a nukie and take there double bladed e-sword the most nukies will run. If you have a better mood and more health you can consistently escape anyone from security to an ascended heretic. Finally if your not the aggressor try to go into an area with a lot of others. If your lucky a good Samaritan will push over a baddie and get security to arrest them. Some antagonist will even run away from you if your about to go into a main hallway, because groups of people are more dangerous then most any antag.

Duffel bags and modsuits can all slow down movement. A duffel bag will slow you considerably more then a backpack. Without deploying or activating a modsuit you will be somewhat slowed, but this difference will lead to success or failure. Always consider how fast your moving and what’s affecting it and soon enough you’ll be robust.


I dont think backpacks slow you down

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duffel bags definitely slow you down