How to troll shitsec

Let’s get straight to the point:

#1 Arcade machine till you get a fake syndicate suit + fake emag and a wanted balloon or a syndicate balloon

#2 get plastic from a tech fab, light bulbs and wires from supply and use all of these to make 2 toy swords using the crafting menu and combine them into a double toy sword

light tubes don’t work it must be light bulbs and it doesn’t matter if they’re broken

#3 attack random people with the toy sword

#4 ???

#5 rot in perma


based as shit

Let’s not forget to tailor for the round at hand!

Nuke ops: hide in a large box and lurk around

Heretics: get shock touch and paint it green, hang around pierced realities

Cult: blaze it up till your eyes are red, red shock touch this time.

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i once got arrested by sec for the classic BLUE shock touch, sec is just bad at doing their job

To be fair I think it is classified as a weapon